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  1. Dietary supplement
  2. Dietary supplement
    Biogenix Ashwagandha BX KSM-66 - 60 capsules
  3. Dietary supplement
  4. Dietary supplement
    Biogenix BCAAgenix Reload - 500 g
  5. Dietary supplement
  6. Dietary supplement
  7. Dietary supplement
  8. Dietary supplement
    Biogenix Glutamine Powder - 250 g
  9. Dietary supplement
  10. Dietary supplement
  11. Dietary supplement
  12. Dietary supplement
    Biogenix Mono Powder - 450 g
  13. Dietary supplement
    Biogenix Omega 3 bx - 90 Capsules
  14. Dietary supplement
  15. Dietary supplement
  16. Dietary supplement
  17. Dietary supplement
    Biogenix Whey Genix II - 700 g
  18. Dietary supplement
  19. Dietary supplement
    Biogenix-AmiGenix-Monster-Tabs-300 Tablets
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Items 1-20 of 29

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Biogenix-BX is a brand that has been trusted by physically active people for years. Biogenix-BX products are used by both amateur trainees and professional athletes who appreciate the quality of the dietary supplements and nutrients they use. The Biogenix-BX brand portfolio includes a wide range of products in various forms. The offer of Biogenix-BX supplements includes preparations in powder, in easy-to-swallow capsules and tablets, and in the form of small, convenient to use shots (liquid ampoules). Here everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of the type of sports activity and level of training advancement.

Dietary supplements and nutrients Biogenix-BX are quality that goes hand in hand with an attractive price. The preparations available in the Olimp Store are manufactured in modern laboratories of the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company from tested and high-class raw materials. Dietary supplements and nutrients Biogenix-BX meet strict quality standards. They are free from dangerous levels of heavy metals and therefore safe to use. Products in the form of powder are distinguished by excellent solubility, as a result, they are quick to prepare. As in the case of the aforementioned shots, among the advantages of Biogenix-BX supplements, there are also sensational flavors and excellent assimilability of active ingredients. Capsules and tablets, in turn, are extremely capacious, thanks to which they contain optimally selected portions of key ingredients.


The supplement brand Biogenix-BX has been supporting athletes in sports supplementation since 2004! Constant evolution over the years allows them to be improved and modernized in accordance with current scientific knowledge. All this in order to distinguish the brand from the products flooding the market with banal products duplicating clichéd ingredients. Dietary supplements and nutrients Biogenix-BX help to supplement the daily diet in a simple and quick way with ingredients whose action is intended to bring you closer to the desired goal. It is the perfect choice for every lover of an active lifestyle. It does not matter whether we train competitively or exercise recreationally to improve health and fitness. Biogenix-BX supplements are used by physique athletes (bodybuilding, fitness), athletes of strength and endurance disciplines (e.g. martial arts, street workout, cycling, running, athletics, triathlon), as well as by players of various team disciplines (e.g. football, basketball, volleyball).

The Biogenix-BX offer includes over 30 high-quality products. The Biogenix-BX portfolio includes high-protein supplements that make it easy to supplement your diet with wholesome proteins. We are talking about Whey Genix II - a protein matrix, the composition of which was based on the isolate (WPI), concentrate (WPC) and hydrolyzate (WPH) of the popular whey. The Biogenix-BX offer also included amino acids. Among this product category we have, among others: WBC Amino Monster Tabs, a breakthrough combination of the highest quality hydrolyzed sources of whey, beef and chicken proteins. In addition to amino acids, we also have Biogenix-BX supplements to support weight loss (fat burners - the ultra-modern thermogenic ThermoNator Monster Caps®), testosterone boosters free of substances commonly recognized as doping (Testovarin® Monster Caps®), carbo carbohydrates (Carb-bx®), mass gainers (Monster Mass® 2.0), pre-workout supplements and vitamins and minerals valuable for every athlete (Vita-genix® Sport AM/PM Monster Caps®). The Biogenix-BX offer on the Olimp Store website and in stationary stores has been supplemented with popular forms of creatine - malate (M3 Creatine® Monster Caps®) and monohydrate (Mono Creatine Monster Caps®).



In the opinion of many athletes Biogenix-BX is a trustworthy brand of dietary supplements. This is evidenced by the fact that Biogenix-BX supplements are used by athletes in many countries around the world. Products that can be purchased in the Olimp Store online store are sold, among others, in: in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Hong Kong, China and Europe (Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and Balkan countries). In recent years, the Biogenix-BX brand has been, among others, sponsor of bodybuilding competitions of the NAC Poland Federation. In 2017, brand attended the 2017 FIT Life EXPO in Katowice. A year later, Biogenix-BX supplements were promoted during the world's largest FIBO 2018 fitness fair in Cologne. Then join the elite! Choose Biogenix-BX supplements and nutrients! Bet on a brand with which you will reach the peak of your abilities!