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Are you looking for dietary and nutritional supplements at attractive prices? Do you choose only reliable, high-quality products? Is flavour important to you? Choose D.N.A. Your Supps!

This brand of dietary and nutritional supplements has been created for young people who love physical activity and enjoy practising strength and endurance sports, as well as for professional, full-time athletes who need to prepare for competitions in an optimal way. Each product bears the D.N.A. Your Supps brand is characterised by a simple ingredient list, and robust, safe portions of high-quality active substances!

D.N.A. Your Supps
unleash your potential

Do you take care of yourself? Do you work out and follow a healthy diet? Do you need support with supplementing your daily diet with protein, BCAA’s, or vitamins and minerals? Do you want to lose weight and get rid of stubborn fat tissue? Or maybe you're looking for a specific pre-workout supplement which will allow you to feel the real “muscle pump”? Unleash your potential! Choose D.N.A. Your Supps – a brand trusted by many athletes who specialise in a range of sports!

The D.N.A. Your Supps brand has been present on the dietary and nutritional supplement market since 2016. It was launched in Warsaw during the biggest Polish fitness and wellness event – FIWE 2016! The brand’s product portfolio features high-quality dietary supplements in the form of both completely soluble powder and easy-to-swallow capsules. From delicious protein supplements and BCAA’s, pre-workout supplements, and fat burners with and without caffeine, to popular creatine and vitamins and minerals which are extremely valuable from the perspective of many processes taking place in the body.

All D.N.A. Your Supps products are manufactured in the state-of-the-art laboratories of the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company. The company meets the highest-quality standards and does not rely exclusively on the certificates provided by its suppliers. In order to protect its Customers’ health, the company follows a multi-stage quality-control procedure. With the use of innovative technology, and based on the extensive knowledge and long experience of the qualified scientific staff, the raw materials (as soon as they are delivered), as well as the semi-finished and finished products, are tested, for instance, for physicochemical and microbial contamination. By choosing the D.N.A. Your Supps brand - you can rest assured that you receive products whose composition matches the information on the label, and whose ingredients are of high quality, and are safe to use.

D.N.A. Your Supps
because quality and safety matter